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Evinent Analytics provides exceptional predictive analysis to suggest the most interesting products to your customers and increase your sales conversion rates.

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What You Get


Our platform integrates with CRM, ERP, call centers, accounting systems, and online shops!

3 simple steps

to increase e-commerce sales

Analyze purchase history
Analyze users’ behavior on e-shop
Suggest the most interesting products that each client will be likely to buy

What You Get

With the Evinent Analytics Marketing Automation Platform, you can:

Build profiles of customers, including their purchase history, total expenditures, and rewards history

Fraud and Risk Analytics

Analyze purchasing patterns

Determine correlations between data sets and generate statistical reports

Segment data


Predict future sales trends for products and services

Receive suggestions on how to build product packages

Communicate with customers via email, SMS, and other messaging apps

Analyze advertising campaign efficiency

Export all data to Excel

Our platform integrates with CRM, ERP, call centers, accounting systems, and online shops!

Customer Testimonials

Arina Epikhina HR Director at Arena S

Working in retail, you need to be prepared for a constant turnover of personnel and, accordingly, the timely closing of open positions without increasing the cost of finding candidates. Based on this task, we needed tools to analyze our selection funnel, attract candidates, and identify which sources worked better in a particular city.

We continued joint development with Evinent Analytics and added the Analytics tab to our previously automated recruiting system. After 3 months, we were already able to make the right management decisions, which allowed to accomplish the following:

  1. Increase the efficiency of recruiting specialists. The time to close positions decreased from 21 days to 14 days. The percentage of successful candidates increased; previously, only 4 candidates worked out. With the introduction of analytics, that increased to 6 candidates.
  2. Costs to attract talent decreased by 14%. Thanks to analytics, we began to use tools that worked for a specific city.

Our upcoming plans, which we will implement with the help of the highly professional Evinent Analytics developers, include: Create a portrait of a candidate for each city, which will help improve the quality of selection and, in turn, reduce turnover. We will definitely share the results.

Case story

Our product knowledge, audit expertise, and data analysis services allow us to provide in-depth results to protect your business from exploitation.

With our platform, there is no need to spend money on dozens of cybersecurity workers or stress over useless statistics.

Contact us today to safeguard your business with minimal effort.

Evinent Analytics will provide a superb predictive analysis for those who want to get ahead in business!

Predict what products and services your customers need the most!

Get the tools you need to maximize revenue and effectively control your business.

Evinent Analytics provide you with informed prediction for your future strategy.




  • Evinent Analytics can provide highly effective predictive analysis to keep your business in the lead.
  • Predict what products and services your customers need the most!
  • Get tools you need to maximize revenue and improve the effectiveness of your business strategies.
  • Evinent Analytics can provide you with intelligent, informed predictions for the future.


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